Integrate Power BI Report with complete interactivity in OneNote

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I recently received a tip from a colleague at work, which was also something I hadn’t seen before. More precisely, it was about integrating a Power BI report with all reporting options into a OneNote page.

For this purpose, I use the report with the manual fonts as an example. The report has to be shared on Power BI Services (powerbi.com) via Share –> Embed report –> Publish to web (public):

Report can be shared via Publish to web.
Report can be shared via Publish to web.

Warning: When sharing via “Publish to web (public)”, the report can be viewed by anyone who knows the link. This is highly dangerous and should only be done with reports that are intended for the public anyway!

In the dialog that appears, you can specify a few options such as the size of the report. Then the report link can be copied:

Report options for the report to be shared.
Report options for the report to be shared.

In OneNote, the copied link can simply be pasted and the report appears fully interactive and embedded in the OneNote page:

Report can be integrated in OneNote.
Report can be integrated in OneNote.

Works only with Public Shared Reports

However, there is one major limitation. At the current time, the feature only works with publicly shared reports. This means that anyone who is in possession of the link will be able to access it.

Accordingly, this type of integration is not intended for reports that are not intended for the public.

Also, the limitations for publicly shared reports apply here.


Denis Selimovic

Denis Selimovic

As a user from the very beginning, Denis Selimovic is passionate about Power BI and everything related to it. In his blog WhatTheFact.bi, he writes about the latest developments in Power BI and provides tips and tricks on the subject. Besides being a Power BI enthusiast, blog author, speaker and principal consultant, he is also co-organizer of the Meetup Power BI User Group Switzerland.


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