wtFact-February is coming! Get ready for my 20 best short Power BI tips!

January 29, 2023
Denis Selimovic
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It’s almost February and in the next days I will start a small series on LinkedIn.
On every weekday, I will share a small tip for the main Power BI areas.

The 20 best tips in a short version on LinkedIn

Many times when I see issues with Power BI, the answers are going back to the basics of Business Intelligence or to a few Power BI key concepts that have to be understood.

Nowadays, we’re living in a fast pace environment, so I want to share my 20 best tips as short and condensed as possible.
I will talk about the 4 main areas of Power BI:

  • Power Query
  • Data Modelling
  • DAX
  • Power BI Service

In each area I will post 5 tips, so we will have 20 posts and Power BI tips in general.
You can find the Power BI tips by searching for the hashtag #wtfactfebruary on LinkedIn or by following me or on LinkedIn.