Understanding Power BI Embedded with Source Code and Contoso Example Portal

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Power BI Embedded is a great way to integrate entire reports or specific elements from a Power BI reports into a company portal. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to explain and you need some imagination to grasp how this might look in practice.

Power BI Embedded as a demo portal

However, this has recently changed as Microsoft has released a demo portal for their imaginary company Contoso. On the following website you can find a great example how to use Powe r BI Embedded in an enterprise portal.

Important here, the portal must be entered in demo mode.

Login to Contoso Power BI Embedded Portal via Demo Mode
Login to Contoso Power BI Embedded Portal via Demo Mode

Afterwards you get a good impression of how such a portal could look like:

image 4

Integration of analysis and individual portal functions

It is also very well solved how certain functionalities of a portal have been integrated directly next to the analysis. A new lead can be created via the “Add new Lead” function (unfortunately not in demo mode) and the leads from Power BI are displayed directly below.

Overview of new leads from Power BI with direct creation of new leads
Overview of new leads from Power BI with direct creation of new leads

Source code of the portal available on Github

Finally, here’s the best part. The source code for the entire portal is released at Github, so you can see exactly how the integration was done!

Kudos to Microsoft, this is exactly the kind of thing that has been needed for a long time. On the one hand, in order to be able to present the possibilities of Power BI Embedded, on the other hand, in order to be able to rebuild this on the basis of the source code.


Denis Selimovic

Denis Selimovic

As a user from the very beginning, Denis Selimovic is passionate about Power BI and everything related to it. In his blog WhatTheFact.bi, he writes about the latest developments in Power BI and provides tips and tricks on the subject. Besides being a Power BI enthusiast, blog author, speaker and principal consultant, he is also co-organizer of the Meetup Power BI User Group Switzerland.


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2 years ago

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing!

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