WhatTheFact.BI YouTube channels (yes plural!) are here!

September 15, 2023
Denis Selimovic
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I am thrilled to share some big news that’s been in the works for a while now.
As part of our commitment to provide you with the best Power BI resources and tutorials, we’re expanding our horizons by launching not one, but TWO YouTube channels!

Why another YouTube channel?

As you might have realized, there were not many articles in the last weeks. People even told me if I’m not doing anything now since I was awarded as MVP. But quite the opposite happened, I prepared the launch of two YouTube channel.

While blogs have their advantage, as you can take your time to read the article, better explain and copy code and download the example file, videos have totally different advantages. Sometimes it’s just easier to explain something with your own words or a demonstration, instead of explaining where to click. For that reason, I have the feeling the combination of the blog, with a YouTube channel will give the best experience for our audience and teach you in the best possible way.

And why two YouTube channels?

The long term readers of my blog most likely realized, that I post all of my articles in two languages, in German as well as in English.
This is for two reasons, on one side for my international audience, but also for my German speaking audience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as I know how many of you prefer to consume content in your mothertongue.

With the YouTube channel I want to continue with this approach. But as there are not many options for multilingual channels, I went with the solutions of two channels.

Where can I find them?

Some of the videos will describe some of the blog articles. These I will include directly at the beginning of the corresponding articles.

Otherwise you will find the YouTube channels here: