My frequently used Power BI snippets

October 6, 2020
Denis Selimovic
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In my first blog post, I briefly mentioned that my digital notebook – in the form of OneNote – is well filled with plenty of notes and approaches that I want to share here on the blog.

One category is DAX and M code snippets, which I use regularly. For example, creating a date or time table or creating ID columns from a date and other similar things. Simply approaches that you need again and again, and give you a bit of a headache every time you have to rethink them again.

So I came to the decision that I share them here on the blog as well. For this purpose I have created a separate page with all snippets.
Update from Jul 15, 2021: Since it got confusing, I decided to make the code snippets available on GitHub instead:

I will add to the list bit by bit with the examples from the blog articles and when I come across new scenarios that could also serve my readers.