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wtFact-February is coming! Get ready for my 20 best short Power BI tips!

This post is also available in: Deutsch It’s almost February and in the next days I will start a small series on LinkedIn.On every weekday, I will share a small tip for the main Power BI areas. The 20 best tips in a short version on LinkedIn Many times when I see issues with Power BI, the answers are going back to the basics of Business Intelligence or to a few Power BI key concepts that have to be understood. Nowadays, we’re living in a fast pace environment, so I want to share my 20 best tips as short and condensed as possible.I will talk about the 4 main areas of Power BI: In each area I will post 5 tips, so we will have 20 posts and Power BI tips in general.You can find the Power BI tips by searching for the hashtag #wtfactfebruary on LinkedIn or by following me or WhatTheFact.bi on LinkedIn. […]
PASS seattle 2022
A little more than 3 wees ago, I was at the PASS conference in Seattle. In this post I want to share my experiences from the 2022 PASS data community summit! […]
I will show you, how you can easily create an Azure service principal for Power BI! […]
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You can persist temporary accessible data like the Power BI Activity Logs only with Power BI Tools! With Power BI Datamarts and a data flow this is easily achievable! […]
01 hint after refresh
This post is also available in: Deutsch Many times, I’m creating a report in Power BI Desktop with data from a website. As an example, let’s imagine we create a report and load the population by country from this Wikipedia page. I’m loading data in Power Query from the web and at one point I am publishing my report to the Power BI Service. Option to schedule refresh is disabled After publishing the report, I want to schedule the report. But when I want to schedule the refresh, the settings look like that: Why is the scheduled refresh section grayed out? I don’t see any hint why this would be. But there is one spot that gives you a hint. When you try to refresh the data manually, you will see an error: And when you click on it, you will see the details: Error message mentions gateway The error message is a little confusing, why does Power BI complain about a gateway? We are loading from the cloud (Wikipedia) directly to the cloud (Power BI Service). It wouldn’t make sense to use a gateway.By default, the function Web.BrowserContents will be used to load a website in Power Query. […]