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Dynamic scaling of a measure in Power BI with DAX

This post is also available in: Deutsch Automatic scaling of metrics or measures is possible in Power BI for just about any visual. However, there is currently no possibility to dynamically adjust tables or the matrix. With this selection the values can be displayed in millions, for example. Even if the values are restricted due to a slicer, filter or drill down, the manually set scaling is kept. Depending on the constellation, this leads to the strange situation that no more information can be obtained from the report because the values are too low for scaling. While this is handled in a graphical visual and the scaling is adjusted, this option is unfortunately not available in a table or matrix. Dynamic scaling with DAX However, you can influence the formatting directly in a DAX measure so that it automatically adapts to the displayed value. The FORMATfunction will help us here. This function is similar to the formatting in Excel and only allows us to adjust the visualization, the values remain unchanged. The following syntax would display the value as a normal number: The documentation for custom formats shows us that a comma helps to “shrink” the displayed number in […]
This post is also available in: Deutsch Hello everyone, it is the middle of September and the vacation is slowly coming to an end. I had the time to think and am highly motivated to start something new. My digital notebook is well filled with all kinds of topics that I deal with in my daily work around BI and specifically Power BI. In my experience with clients and colleagues, sometimes we all hang on the same question. I don’t want to keep my knowledge to myself, I want to share my experiences, I will start a blog! Where will the whole thing lead to? No idea at all! Does it add value for the reader? Also no idea. Will there even be readers? At least one, if you made it to these lines 😉 If you would like to learn more about me, please have a look at my short introduction. Otherwise, have fun reading this blog!Denis Selimovic […]