COVID-19 current vaccination numbers for the canton of Basel-Stadt, Switzerland

April 23, 2021
Denis Selimovic
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This past weekend, I had an aha moment. My girlfriend asked me what the current status of COVID-19 vaccination was here in Switzerland in our area, which means in the canton of Basel-Stadt. After a short internet research, we found either newspaper articles that were already a few weeks old or statistics that presented the current figures only insufficiently or in a complex way.

The canton of Basel-Stadt provides all data as CSV and JSON on its Open Data Basel-Stadt website and allows the use under the Creative Commons license.

Current vaccination status as Power BI Report for Basel-Stadt

As a Power BI enthusiast, I immediately thought of presenting the whole thing in an easy-to-understand Power BI report. No sooner said than done, I prepared the data in Power BI, hopefully presented it in an easy to understand way, and created a website for it.

May I introduce:

Current vaccination rate for the canton of Basel-Stadt on
Current vaccination rate for the canton of Basel-Stadt on